Massage In Hospice Care An Everflowing Approach


This book by Irene Smith is like a treasure chest. It is both an engaging read, and also a reference book that I will return to again and again. As an educator, I will be heartily recommending this book to students. 

—Julie McGuinness, instructor - National Holistic Institute


People are touched in hospitals all the time. Yet rarely is the touch experienced as healing. If clinicians could include even a few of Irene’s suggestions in their daily care of patients we would be well on our way to true healthcare reform.

This book is like the teacher we have been waiting our whole lives to meet. Irene guides us to our own resourcefulness, helps us move through our fears and gives us the tools we need to meet illness, aging and death straight on. Irene Smith is a this book and you will find gold.

Frank Osteseski Founder Metta Institute, Co-Founder Zen Hospice Project


A must read for anyone interested in hospice massage. If you are thinking of starting a hospice massage practice or becoming a volunteer in hospice massage, this book will provide you with the necessary tools to be a successful provider. Irene Smith is unique in our world, very few people have the skill, knowledge and experience to teach others how to do this very special work. How fortunate we are to have her and this special book.

—Bud Brett, CMT

Massage In Hospice Care
An Everflowing Approach
Irene Smith, CMP

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This book has been designed to provide techniques, skills and personal practices for adapting touch and massage into hospice care for clients who are dying. 

It’s for anyone working in hospice care: massage therapist, nurse, aide, doctor, caregiver, family member, or friend.

Through scientific information, demonstrations, case histories and Irene’s authentic session reports, the science, art and the emotion of hospice massage are woven together to create a learning experience that is as intimate as the practice itself.


These techniques and skills will help you:

1. cultivate positive touch experiences for both you and your client;

2. revitalize your energy while providing sessions; 

3. achieve more physical comfort by the bedside; and 

4. process the emotional impact of this profoundly intimate practice.

The information in this book (delivered through text and video) will also provide you with a hands on approach to clients in pain that will enhance other care modalities.

The skills of approaching fragile clients taught in this interactive format may be incorporated into daily nursing care as well as be structured into most bodywork modalities.


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The interactive Book works well. The quality of the recordings is excellent. I love the layout and the mixture of print and video.

Seeing Irene, hearing her voice, and reading her words are perfect Irene shows a way of just being yourself and doing your work. Nothing more, nothing less.

This book should be out in the world.  

Gayle MacDonald, M.S., LMT, author of "Medicine Hands: Massage Therapy for People with Cancer and Massage for the Hospital Patient and Medically Frail Client."